Chef Backend 1.4.6 Released

Ohai Chefs!

We’re happy to announce that Chef Backend 1.4.6 has been released and is now available for download[1]. This release includes the following:

  • Security Update: Bump zlib to 1.2.11

  • Bug Fix: Update minimum_master_nodes on Elasticsearch node removal.

    This fixes an issue when removing nodes from the cluster would not adapt the minimum node count required for the Elasticsearch cluster managed by Chef Backend, leaving the cluster in an unrecoverable state.

  • Enhancement: Include disk status in health checks, and status output

    When the available disk space for the log and data directories used by Chef Backend falls below a user-configurable value (default: 250MB). By default disk space failures are considered non-fatal for the purposes of leaderl health checks. That is, low disk space will not force a failover. To make disk space failures fatal, set the following configuration option:

      leaderl.health_check.fatal_system_checks true

    The disk-space-related health status can be queried using

      chef-backend-ctl status disk

    and is exposed via the status endpoint.

  • Enhancement: Improve robustness regarding EPMD.

    EPMD (Erlang Port Mapper Daemon) is part of the Erlang runtime system. Typically, this service is started automatically by the first Erlang process to start on a machine. By promoting EPMD to a service under supervision the service will now appear in chef-backend-ctl status and will be restarted on failure.

    Further, leaderl will now periodically attempt to re-register itself with EPMD if EPMD has failed.

Thanks, and enjoy!