Chef Client 11.4.2 and 10.24.2 Patch Releases


Hi Chefs,

I’ve just shipped a patch release of Chef 11, and a corresponding release for Chef 10 will be available shortly. These releases contain small, targeted fixes for bugs that are pretty severe for affected users. I’ll post the usual release notes on the Opscode blog tomorrow.

11.4.2 Changes

  • CHEF-3432: memory leak related to “stale” LWRP classes not getting garbage collected. This bug was introduced in 11.4.0 with the fix for the json Gem disabling json_class support by default.
  • CHEF-3367: Running chef-client with --fork would remove the pidfile. When running chef-client as a daemon with a standard SysV style init system and managing chef-client with the chef-client cookbook, each chef-client run would create an additional chef-client process.

10.24.2 Changes

  • CHEF-3432 (as above)
  • The patch for CHEF-3367 has already been released in Chef 10.20.0.


11.4.2 Omnibus and rubygem packages are available now. The rubygem package has the following checksums:

md5: a6e3ec5aecc37b168bd1e7b14906306c
SHA256: ccd0fabcf700b50f7fe87cec6bd7d29d9281565f98adc47e34b466de8bb7c611

Omnibus package checksums are available though the Omnitruck metadata API. We’ll add these to the website soon, but for now, you can hit a URL like this:

curl ‘

And get data like this (JSON also available if you set the correct Accept header):

md5 c0f32c21ba12d70dfd0ca90b956d77e3
sha256 abf33302740a1dddbe4871e0b3b093f0eeb20ccfb06adb7c0312ae971a5c5fc3

10.24.2 omnibus and rubygem packages will be be available soon. Apt packages will be delayed a little bit.

Upcoming Releases

As Bryan mentioned in an earlier email, we’re planning to ship a RC for a 10.26 patch release in the next week or so. We’re also just waiting on some finishing touches for a big refactor of the file providers to cut a beta of Chef 11.6. I know many of you have patches in master and are eagerly awaiting this release (I am,too–you guys fixed some of my pet bugs!). Due to the size of the changes, we want to have a proper beta and RC testing period before shipping them, so thanks for your patience.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

Daniel DeLeo


Hi Chefs,

A quick update on this, we discovered an issue with the last release where chef-client would fail if you had a class or module defined at the top level with the same name as your LWRP resource. This is ticket CHEF-4117, which has been resolved with a subsequent patch release of Chef 11.4.4. A patch release for the Chef 10 branch will be forthcoming, along with the previously promised release notes.

The Chef 11.4.4 Gem has the following checksums:

md5: dc50aa6a4a7d4785a4c82fcaab3f9436
sha256: c929e25043c551901bb5ae12518da2c8425291992caa3b0118233fa64f563990

Omnibus package checksums are available through the metadata API as previously described.

Daniel DeLeo