Chef Client 12.0.0.alpha.1 Release


Hi Chefs,

I released Chef Client 12.0.0.alpha.1 to rubygems. As was the case with the previous release, I shipped this version only to satisfy our dependency requirements in chef-dk (which cannot use git-sourced gems in the Gemfile because of our build process).

You are of course welcome to use it if you wish, but we aren’t actively seeking help with testing (hence the ‘alpha’ version), nor have we tested the release rigorously. So unless you’re feeling adventurous, you can probably just ignore it.

For the curious, this latest alpha release contains a patch to make Chef respect the name attribute in your cookbook metadata (, which I needed to pull in to ChefDK to make some of the Policyfile code work correctly (more about Policyfiles here:

Daniel DeLeo