Chef-client runs add 3.7mb of ram to winbindd


Hello everyone!
First of all, I have a reported a bug on samba and created a question on The link is the following

Winbind 4.7.6
Chef-client 14.12.9

Every time the chef client runs winbind takes 3.76mb of memory. The problem is reproduceable in all my machines. Create ubuntu18 machine, bootstrap it, and check how much memory is winbind using. Run the chef client again and check again.
the script im using is:
(ps -eo size,pid,user,command --sort -size | awk '{ hr=$1/1024 ; printf("%13.2f Mb ",hr) } { for ( x=4 ; x<=NF ; x++ ) { printf("%s ",$x) } print "" }' | cut -d "" -f2 | cut -d "-" -f1 | grep winbind | head -n 1 )

what I tried:
-tried the same process on ubuntu 16 and it doesnt present the problem, take into account winbind versions are not interchangeable so I have to work with the latest versions released by ubuntu.
-tried downgrading winbind on ubuntu 18 but the process is not easy and I wouldnt do it in production.