CHEF Code Review (21 October 2013)


Ohai Chefs,

Below are notes from today’s code review.



  • To Merge
    ** CHEF-4515 Wrong puzzling/confusing message “Unsupported
    json_class type ‘Chef::WebUIUser’ (JSON::ParserError)” while users

  • To Merge (MUCH LATER)
    ** CHEF-4586 Remove the unused StreamingCookbookUploader class
    ** CHEF-4379 Adding runtime in stdout for Chef 11

  • Reopen
    ** CHEF-672 Cookbook libraries do not sync subdirectories
    Needs tests.
    ** CHEF-2418 ‘knife ssh’ should prompt for user password
    We’d like to avoid another command line option and have an
    experience similar to openssh.
    ** CHEF-4301 knife site cookbook install with :use_current_branch
    option doesn’t work with slashes in branchname
    Regression tests. Also, using symbolic-ref is likely safer here.

  • Other
    ** CHEF-3298 broken packages in
    btm and joshua, please follow up.
    ** CHEF-3838 RabbitMQ does not start on Oracle or Amazon Linux
    Chef Server team needs to follow up here.