CHEF Code Review 27 November 2013


Hi all,

For those in the US, we hope you enjoy the holiday! Code review notes below.

  • Reopen

    • CHEF-3531 data bags searched by the ‘users’ cookbook can’t have
      dots in the value for ‘id’

      Needs tests

    • CHEF-4731 Stopping a non-existent Windows Service Causes Exception

      Needs tests

    • CHEF-4760 knife diagnostic messages sent to stdout instead of stderr

      We agree with the sentiment but chaning all info messages to go to
      stderr will break the desired behavior in a few casses.

    • CHEF-4212 Allow knife-bootstrap to download from places other than

      We couldn’t find the fix.

    • CHEF-4774 knife bootstrap with use-sudo-password fails when ssh
      password is not provided on command line

      Tests please.

  • To Merge

    • CHEF-4784 Output formatter “doc” lacks information about handlers

    • CHEF-4358 Chef client fails when invoked with an empty environment

    • CHEF-4822 Remove unused instance variable startup_type from service resource

    • CHEF-2418 ‘knife ssh’ should prompt for user password

      We’d like a small comment added to explain some tricky behavior.
      We’ll add before merge if you can’t get to it.

  • Other

    • CHEF-4806 debian service not idempotent and ignoring S runlevel
      Looks good, but we want a Debian wizard to review. Left as Fix Provided.

    • CHEF-4782 chef service provider action “enable” not idempodent on

      This looks good but CHEF-4806 also fixes this and includes tests.
      Left as Fix Provided.