CHEF Code Review for 4 December 2013


Hi all,

It’s way too much pressure to think of something witty or casual to
say in the intro paragraphs of these updates. CHEF notes below:

  • CHEF-4849 Package resource should implement variables method for use
    with templates

    We like the feature, just two small comments.

    We think the name ‘variables’ is missing some context and a more
    appropriate name would be ‘response_file_variables’.

    Also, we’d prefer if you could update the tests to add a /new/ test
    rather than modifying an old test.

  • Reopen
  • CHEF-4848 Cron resource accepts a symbol as weekday

    Good News! The tests caught a bug! It seems that in the #weekday
    method of the cron provider we check if Integer(arg) < 7. On Ruby
    1.8.7, Integer(:somesymbol) returns a very large number. Looks like
    we’ll need to fix that up as well.

  • OHAI-536 turn down chattiness of ip6address detection

    Update the tests.

  • Merge
  • CHEF-4845 Invalid regexp in aix package provider

  • CHEF-3531 data bags searched by the ‘users’ cookbook can’t have dots
    in the value for ‘id’

    This looks good. It prompted some discussion about how we
    want to deal with client-side validation now that our client and
    server codebases don’t share the same validation code.

  • Other
  • CHEF-4760 knife diagnostic messages sent to stdout instead of stderr

    Yes to the overall idea for Chef 12. We think we can clean up some
    of the error output going to STDERR in Chef 11 in a separate patch.