Chef hangs when using Ruby Enterprise Edition


I am cross-posting this from ruby enterprise list since I have got no answer
there and its causing some problems on my chef install.

I am running REE 1.8.7 in some servers to host a rails app, the servers are
managed with latest chef. I started to have orphaned passenger instances,
the app was not behaving fine and my monitoring service were also reporting
errors, I decided to switch to mongrel, the unstable behavior dissapeared.

Also, chef-client hangs every 2 or 3 days, I decided to run gdb on a hanged
chef-client here [1] is what I got. Googling this I found this bug in ubuntu
and upstream ruby:

After doing the tests suggested in comment #13 of the ubuntu bug tracker
[2]. I reached to the same results. Actually I’m running REE 1.8.7 on Ubuntu
10.04 LTS.

I am not strong in C or Ruby Internals, so I can not reach much far on this

I’d like to know if someone here has being bitten by this problem with REE
and if they have found a workaround.



Jacobo García López de Araujo