Chef Issue Tracking and Contribution Workflow Updates


Ohai Chefs,

For a while we have been talking about trails and potential improvements
for issue tracking and the contribution workflow of Chef. In order to have
a smoother process, starting today we are officially starting to use Github
Issues to track all the issues and contributions to Chef.

On Monday 6/23 we will disable new issue creation on our current JIRA issue
tracker ( We have a migration plan in place
for the existing unresolved issues. We will keep JIRA online for searching
and referencing past issues. Commenting on existing issues will still be
allowed for the time being to help finish up existing issues and transition
everyone to the new system. We will be watching the issue comments on JIRA
to make sure we don’t lose anyone on the way over.

You can check out our blog post (
which talks about the change in detail. We believe this change will smooth
the glitches and make us more responsive to you.

Let us know if you have any concerns or questions about this change.

Bryan & Serdar


You can no longer create new issues in the Chef, Ohai, Knife, and
Mixlib projects on JIRA (, please file
issues for these projects on their individual repositories on Github.
If you’re not sure which project to use, you can file the issue under
Chef and we will help you figure it out.

For example: