Chef-manage 2.5.15, knife-ec2 0.18.0, etc released


There are a few minor releases today we’d like to let you know about.

Chef Manage 2.5.15

  • The Reporting tab is no longer displayed until the Chef Reporting add-on is installed

knife-ec2 0.18.0

  • The tags and --tag-node-in-chef options has been split into separate --aws-tag and --chef-tag options.

win32-taskscheduler 0.4.0

We recently started maintaining some of the win32 Ruby libraries and have released a new version of the win32-taskscheduler library in preparation for a refactor of the windows_task Chef resource that is underway.

  • Updated code to create task without trigger. #25 (#Vasu1105)
  • Fix for execution time limit and weeks of month. #23 (#Vasu1105)
  • Added methods to get and set principal information of the task. #22 (#Nimesh-Msys)
  • Added methods to retrieve settings(all/Idle/Network) of current task. #21 (#Nimesh-Msys)
  • Refactored constants, moved predefined MSDN constns to another file. #20 (#Nimesh-Msys)
  • Added code to handle on idle trigger and on idle settings. #19 (#Vasu1105)
  • Fix for trigger at_logon and at_system_start. #18 (#Nimesh-Msys)
  • Added get_task and enabled? method. #17 (#Vasu1105)
  • Fix for undefined method ‘weeks’ error while updating week_of_month#16 (#Vasu1105)
  • Fix for handling days of month for trigger_type MONTHLYDATE. #15(#Vasu1105)
  • Fix for setting system user for scheduled task. #14 (#Vasu1105)
  • Fix for Wrong value is set for end_day, end_year, end_month it should be EndBoundary and not StartBoundary. #13(#Vasu1105)

chef_client_updater cookbook 3.2.9

  • Supports restarting the Chef Client after an update on a system using sysvinit. This requires using both the chef_client_updater and chef-client cookbooks to manage the Chef Client.
  • Adds a new node['chef_client_updater']['restart_chef_via_cron'] attribute to allow restarting the Chef Client after update using a temporary cron job if set to true.