Chef PPA: 0.8.10-5 updates


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Ohai Chefs!

Here’s some notes about the latest package that is in the Launchpad
PPA. This is still a temporary location for holding the packages until
installation, migration and upgrade issues are ironed out.

If you are running 0.7.{10,16} from Karmic/Lucid or Opscode’s current
APT repos, you should make sure to pin your packages until you are
ready to migrate your environment to the 0.8.x series. We’re working
on making sure the upgrade from 0.7.x->0.8.x via apt-get is as
painless and smooth as possible. To learn more about pinning apt
repositories, see the Apt Pinning documentation for Ubuntu and Debian.

The current version (0.8.10-5) in the PPA supports installing chef-
solr separately from the chef-server. This isn’t common but may be
desirable for some environments. However at the moment the packaging
doesn’t install these in the “correct” order, the chef-server packages
are installed and the daemons started, then the chef-solr package is
installed and the daemon started. This can cause the server to not
have the validation and webui certificates created in /etc/chef. To
remedy, run /etc/chef/init.d/chef-server restart, or install chef-solr
before installing the chef-server/chef-server-webui packages.

The packages handle the config files in /etc/chef using templates in /
usr/share/chef*, and then processing them in the postinst. The files
are handled like Debian package conffiles with the ‘ucf’ utility.
Local user modifications of the files should be preserved on upgrade,
or if the files exist on a new installation. Please report any
problems with this.

Please note that the RubyGems package dependency for merb is not in
the version of the merb package in lucid, so chef-server and chef-
server-webui may fail to start with a noisy error about rubygems.
Install the rubygems package and restart the daemons with the init

These issues will be resolved before the packages are migrated to
their home on Please test and report any other issues.

Thank you!

Opscode, Inc
Joshua Timberman, Senior Solutions Engineer
C: 720.334.RUBY E:

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