Chef-provisioning-fog/aws released


Hey there!

I just released version 0.4.0 of chef-provisioning-aws. These changes included:

• Add driver and with_driver support to AWS resources, remove region as a resource attribute and remove with_data_center (@jkeiser)
• load_balancer can now be created without any associated machines (@christinedraper)
• Set region from credentials if not specified in driver url (@christinedraper)
• Added support for scheme and subnet attributes in the load_balancer resource (@erikvanbrakel & @tyler-ball)
• Renamed load_balancer_options security_group_id to security_group_ids and security_group_name to security_group_names. These now accept an array of Strings. (@erikvanbrakel & @tyler-ball)

I also released version 0.13.1 of chef-provisioning-fog. There was only 1 bug fix:

• Fixed floating assignment for Openstack (@tyler-ball)

These are both available via Rubygems.