Ohai Chefs,

A quick announcement for those who may be using OpenNebula ( as their cloud platform of choice. The team at BlackBerry have implemented a new chef-provisioning driver for Opennebula.

It comes with additional chef resources to manage OpenNebula:

Template (one_template)
Image (one_image)
VNET (one_vnet)
Lease (one_vnet_lease)

The latest version of driver is 0.3.4 and was tested using ChefDK 0.8.1 release. The driver can support OpenNebula 4.10 and 4.12 releases. We are aware OpenNebula 4.14 API is not backward compatible and it breaks at least one_image resource, but others issues using that release are possible. We have plans of adding support for OpenNebula 4.14 and upcoming OpenNebula 5.0 release.


Philip Oliva
Senior Infrastructure Software Developer
BlackBerry Ltd.

Nice work, Phil!