Chef Provisioning Releases



We just released chef-provisioning v0.20. I’ve copied the changelog below:
Marking machines nil in a load_balancer does not affect existing machines
with_driver now optionally accepts a block. If passed, it is only active in that block. If not passed, existing behavior is unchanged.
New show_output attribute for machine_execute, defaults to false
Changed MachineSpec storage to ManagedEntry. Driver authors, see PR for details
If specifying exact chef version, don’t re-install every chef-provisioning

We also released chef-provisioning-aws v0.5.0 yesterday. The changelog for that is:
Expanded docs/examples with many more references
Refactored the data_bag storage for easier development. This should not affect existing cookbooks.
All resources which reference an aws_resource can be referenced by resource name, AWS object or AWS object identifier. See docs/examples/attribute_reference.rb for an example.
Existing AWS resources can be ‘imported’ (have a data bag managed entry created) by specifying their identifier in the resource’s aws_id_attribute. EG,
aws_security_group “my_group” do
security_group_id 'sg-123456’
Updated aws_vpc to support an internet_gateway true/false flag
Updated aws_security_group inbound/outbound rules for easier readability. See docs/examples/sg_test.rb for an example.
Added new aws_dhcp_options, aws_route_table resource/provider
Added new aws_ebs_volume resource/provider
Deprecated action :delete across all aws_* resources - use action :destroy instead.

Let me know if you find any issues!