Chef Server 12 RC 4 Release Notes


Ohai Chefs,

This morning we announced security releases [1] of all the Chef Server
products that Chef-software supports. Among these products is the Release
Candidate for Chef Server 12. This new release candidate contains further
changes beyond the security patches, so I’d like to talk about those

Bug Fixes:

[#461 / #475] - Chef Server 12 refuses Chef Client 12 requests. This issue
had a remediation via configuration values, but we’ve bumped the default
maximum Chef Client version allowed to 13 until we can implement the more
desired client restriction logic as discussed in #461.

Security Fixes:

[#481] - Package ownership issues on Debian-based platforms that result in
Omnibus-built packages installing with contents owned by UID and GID 999 or


  • Server version returned from HTTP headers changed from 11.1 to 12
  • Notification messages added to chef-server-ctl reconfigure and
    chef-server-ctl install commands to make it clear when premium feature
    packages have been installed.

As always, if you run into any issues with this release you can either:


[1] Release blog post -

Stephen Delano
Engineering Lead - Chef Server
Chef Software, Inc.
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