Chef Server 12 RC 5 Release


Hello Chefs,

We’ve been remiss in not mentioning the release of the Chef Server 12 RC
5. This RC went out when we updated all of the Chef Server packages to
disable SSLv3 by default in response to the POODLE exploit.[1][2] During
that series of releases we disabled SSLv3 by default in the Chef Server
12 RC and rolled it forward to version 5.

Highlights include LDAP support being fixed and the removal of the
max_client check which will ensure Chef Client 12 will function properly
against the server. This release also includes the disabling of SSLv3 by
default, as mentioned, as well as updating OpenSSL to 1.0.1j. In
addition to these changes there have been many other improvements and
fixes that went into this RC. The full list can be seen in the changelog.[3]

As we continue to work on the Chef Server 12 release, we’ve created a
Google Doc where you can follow along with the issue list and how it is
triaged.[4] This document receives periodic updates as we remove or add
issues to the list. It also gets updated with other info that might
pertain to the Chef Server 12 release.

One such piece of info is that Ubuntu 14.04 will officially be supported
for the Chef Server with the 12 release. We’re working on adding this
support now. Note that RHEL/CentOS 7 will not be supported with the
initial Chef Server 12 release, but we plan to add it shortly thereafter.

If you encounter any issues while trying out this RC, please feel free
to open an issue against the opscode-omnibus[5] or chef-server[6] repos.
We watch both repos for now as we work on transitioning over to using
chef-server as the official repo to submit issues.

Thanks for all you all do. It makes the Chef Server better.

Mark Mzyk