Chef-server with non-standard port?

Since a new version of Chef Server 12.6.0 was just announced, I was wondering about the bug that it does not work with a non-standard HTTPS port.

The issue is on github as #50 - there was a PR for a fix six months ago (thanks!), but I haven’t seen it appear in the actual released chef servers yet.

The best way to deal with Chef-Server I have found so far is encapsulating it in a Docker Container. 3ofcoins has a very nice example for this:
This may not be a solution for you if your are not working with docker but it definitely is worth a look.

Q: Can I run this on another port, like most HTTP services?
A: Have you tried Docker?


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My question was actually about the status of that bug report; it has been in a black hole for almost two years now.

That said, I am actually working with Docker, but in this case I needed the Chef server to run on the same IP address as a standard Web server, so port 443 is simply unavailable.

Chef theoretically supports using an alternate port, but that feature has been broken for a long time. With every new Chef release, I have to re-apply the patch to fix it.

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