Chef Ticket Triage 25 Jan 2012


Chef Ticket Triage 25 Jan 2012

Ohai Chefs!
I’m taking the reins this week while Bryan rocks out at Shmoocon.

The patches we reviewed this week sparked a lot of interesting
discussions. In particular, we’d welcome your input on the questions
raised by CHEF-2802.

Have a great weekend!

Chef Tickets:


  • CHEF-2690: Allow use of timeout with not_if/only_if to trigger/block
    a resource. We’re worried that this is an ugly way to solve a problem,
    but in some cases it might be the only way to automate a particular


  • CHEF-2853: Wontfix. Allowing the validator to modify any client would
    allow any entity in possession of the validator key to assume the
    identity of any other client and gain access to the resources that
    client has access to.
  • CHEF-2835: Needs tests.
  • CHEF-2802: Reopened - This patch fixes knife cookbook upload to exit with non-zero exit
    status when a cookbook is frozen or when cookbooks requested to be
    uploaded are not found; however, knife currently only issues a
    warning when cookbooks to be uploaded are missing, and this patch
    makes that condition a fatal error. We need to decide which behavior
    is best (read: please share your opinion!).

Dan DeLeo