Cheffile dependencies


Hi Chefs!

In attempting to add test-kitchen support to the ‘yum’ cookbook, I encountered an where librarian couldn’t assemble the cookbooks required because the declared version in the default Cheffile does not match the cookbook being tested.

I opened a ticket for this in KITCHEN0. I’m pretty sure that the right thing to do is as I state in the ticket: remove the 3 cookbooks that are dependencies of the test-kitchen cookbook[1], and the 1 that isn’t used at all[2].

Does this cause heartache or confusion for anyone? This change would still allow customized Cheffile to be added in test/kitchen/cookbooks. I’d like to get this fixed relatively soon so we can move forward with adding tests to these cookbooks[1][2].


[1]: apt, yum, git
[2]: build-essential

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