COOK Opscode Code Review 10-25-2013


Happy Friday, all!


COOK-3776 nginx::source: system user alternate
COOK-2530 fail2ban: Needs major version bump for removed defaults (OPSCODE)
COOK-2730 application_nginx: pass along reasonable Host, X-Forwarded-For &


COOK-3358 Reopen: Is there a fourth option? If not, we should choose
the least harmful option as the default.

COOK-3783 Reopen: Let’s use Mixlib::Shellout for this command run.

COOK-3781 Reopen: Can we clarify the usage of “register” in the
databag and template rendering? See Jira comment.

COOK-3785 Reopen: Please see Jira comment, merge in cjerdonek
changes if needed.