COOK Opscode Code Review 10-28-2013



COOK-3770 Add Enabled Protocols to IIS App Recipe
COOK-3796 Virtualenv can fail
COOK-3765 ssh-keyscan using an alternative port number
COOK-3372 unzip webpi if webpi executable doesn’t exist
COOK-3801 Add innodb_adaptive_flushing_method and
COOK-3560 Allow the user to configure runit’s timeout (-w) and verbose
(-v) settings
COOK-3807 Password updates are attempted on preseeded servers. See
latest Jira comments
COOK-2829 Expose AWS credentials for ebs_raid LWRP as parameters


COOK-3792 Reopened: Please see Jira + Github comments
COOK-2434 Reopened: Please see latest Jira comment
COOK-2696 Reopened: Please see Jira comment about cookbook consistency