COOK Review 2 December 2013


Hi all,

Post-turkey COOK review notes below.

  • No Review

    These tickets were skipped because they have external maintainers
    now. We’ll work with the maintainers to make sure they get looked

  • COOK-3871 Make python::pip recipe possible to install without Internet access
  • COOK-3853 Application java fails to deploy if a remote war file has no change
  • COOK-2307 Allow specifying a monitored client interface
  • COOK-3811 supervisor recipe should raise an exception if the
    platform is not supported
  • Reopen
  • COOK-3844 iptables provider for firewall/rule lwrp

    • Syntax problems reported by rubocop/travis CI
    • Let’s reopen against the iptables cookbook and start this work there
    • no globals please :slight_smile:
  • COOK-3418 Virtual Domain Support

    • Can you explain the unless conditional in the attribute file?
      Maybe add a comment?
    • Any particular reason for this being a separate recipe?
  • Closed
  • COOK-3917 apache2 cookbook on debian/ubuntu systems doesn’t include
    the envars file

    This change doesn’t fix anything and could lead to breakage for
    apache 2.4 without some coordination.