Cookbook Releases 9/17


Ohai Chefs,

As I mentioned in the email to the lists yesterday, we have now closed all the pull requests in the monolithic “opscode/cookbooks” repository in favor of the individual cookbook repositories under the “opscode-cookbooks” GitHub organization. Also, we’re down to 11 tickets in “COOK tickets merged and ready for release” search filter at

We have a large number of Opscode cookbook releases for you today. Before I get to the list, I’d like to thank Mike Fiedler for his excellent “knife community release” plugin, which streamlines the several steps we take in releasing our cookbooks. You can read about it in the blog post, and at the project page. Thanks Mike!

And now, the cookbooks released in the last week or so. Thank you everyone who contributed changes!

apache2 - 1.1.16

Thanks Andrea Campi for catching bug COOK-1609.

  • [COOK-1466] - add mod_auth_cas recipe
  • [COOK-1609] - apache2 changes ports.conf twice per run when using

build-essential - 1.1.2

  • [COOK-1620] - support OS X 10.8

chef_handler - 1.0.8

  • [COOK-1177] - doesn’t work on windows due to use of unix specific

daemontools - 1.0.0

  • [COOK-1388] - Conditional fix-ups
  • [COOK-1428] - resolve foodcritic warnings

djbdns - 0.99.4

  • [COOK-1259] - Support local (10.x, 172.x, 192.168.x) reverse lookups
    in cache

firewall - 0.9.0

The default action for firewall LWRP is now :enable, the default
action for firewall_rule LWRP is now :reject. This is in line with a
"default deny" policy.

  • [COOK-1429] - resolve foodcritic warnings

git - 1.0.2

  • [COOK-1537] - add recipe for source installation

haproxy - 1.0.6

  • [COOK-1310] - redispatch flag has changed

iis - 1.2.0

Thank you, Guilhem Lettron, for several fixes in this release.

  • [COOK-1061] - iis_site doesn’t allow setting the pool
  • [COOK-1078] - handle advanced bindings
  • [COOK-1283] - typo on pool
  • [COOK-1284] - install iis application initialization
  • [COOK-1285] - allow multiple host_header, port and protocol
  • [COOK-1286] - allow directly setting which app pool on site creation
  • [COOK-1449] - iis pool regex returns true if similar site exists
  • [COOK-1647] - mod_ApplicationInitialization isn’t RC

munin - 1.1.0

Thank you Chris Roberts for the NGINX support.

  • [COOK-1122] - amazon platform support
  • [COOK-1143] - munin_plugin() should accept an optional cookbook parameter
  • [COOK-1205] - Add NGINX support to munin
  • [COOK-1517] - attributes for max_processes, max_graph_jobs, and max_cgi_graph_jobs

ntp - 1.2.0

Thank you Eric Wolfe et al for the changes in COOK-1298.

  • [COOK-1184] - Add recipe to disable NTP completely
  • [COOK-1298] - Refactor into a reference cookbook for testing

openssh - 1.0.0

Thank you Ernie Brodeur for the changes in COOK-1014, and to others for contributing to the discussion about this topic.

  • [COOK-1014] - Templates for ssh(d).conf files.

perl - 1.0.2

  • [COOK-1300] - add support for Mac OS X

rabbitmq - 1.6.2

Thank you Sean Porter for catching this, and for the reminder after we released 1.6.0 to get this fixed.

  • [COOK-1552] - removed rogue single quote from rabbitmq ssl

resolver - 1.1.0

  • [COOK-1242] - collect nameservers using a server role, adds
    from_server_role recipe

samba - 0.10.6

  • [COOK-1363] - user password assignment fails on systems using dash
    as default shell

subversion - 1.0.2

  • Resolves foodcritic warnings
  • [COOK-1513] - support SUSE SLES

sudo - 1.2.0

  • [COOK-1314] - default package action is now :install instead of
  • [COOK-1549] - Preserve SSH agent credentials upon sudo using an

unicorn - 1.1.0

  • [COOK-857] - Unicorn not quoting listener ports/sockets
  • [COOK-1273] - add ability to specify before_exec block

users - 1.1.4

Thank you John Dewey, for adding password support.

  • [COOK-1396] - removed users get recreated
  • [COOK-1433] - resolve foodcritic warnings
  • [COOK-1583] - set passwords for users

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