Cookbook releases: apache2 and munin



I just released new versions of the apache2 and munin cookbooks.

Thanks to Andrea Campi, version 1.0.8 of the apache2 cookbook adds support for FreeBSD! He worked really hard to make sure everything fits in with our preferred configuration style based on the Debian apache2 configuration with a2ensite/a2enmod and friends. It’s nice to get some love for FreeBSD, so thank you, Andrea. The cookbook includes the latest version of mod_auth_openid, and includes fixes for the module being compiled and used on Red Hat based systems.

Speaking of Red Hat systems, thanks to Jim Browne, the munin cookbook now works on RHEL and friends! I know that #monitoringsucks, and everyone’s trying to find the next better trending tools, but some of us are sticking with munin for now (probably due to a pile of existing plugins). Thank you Jim, for your work in making the cookbook work on Red Hat. Also, thank you for making search results more consistent by sorting the node results! We also updated this cookbook for the changes in the mod_auth_openid recipe from the apache2 cookbook, and added support for switching the preferred authentication based on an attribute (similar to the nagios cookbook).


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