Cookbook updates: apache2, yum


Hello Chefs!

As you noticed, we are actively triaging tickets in the COOK project.
We’ve reviewed many resolved tickets and patches for updates to merge.
We started merging in changes and are releasing new versions Yesterday
and today I released updated versions of our apache2 and yum cookbooks
to the Chef Community site.

Notable changes in the apache2 cookbook (v1.0.0):

  • Tickets resolved in this release: COOK-754, COOK-753, COOK-665,
    COOK-624, COOK-579, COOK-519, COOK-518
  • Red Hat family support is greatly improved.
  • The README is more complete, with examples and more coverage of usage.

Notable changes in the yum cookbook (v0.5.0):

  • Recipes added to enable the third party EPEL and IUS repositories.

We are working on merging in patches from resolved tickets, and will
release new cookbooks accordingly.

Opscode, Inc
Joshua Timberman, Director of Training and Services
IRC, Skype, Twitter, Github: jtimberman