Creating a share in folder property and adding user to it in windows?

Here i want to say in brief… That first i have created folders and given rights permission but i want to create a share named oracle and add a user dba to it… I need help

You should utilize the windows_share LWRP from the windows cookbook

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I am using lwrp of share.rb but still it have some dependencies… How can i use it in my recipie? Can you list the steps please

What are you using? Chef-Server <-> chef-client mechanism or simply running
it locally with chef-solo?

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I am using chef server and chef client mechanism

Download the windows cookbook from the above given link (select the version which is compatible with your chef-client version.
Upload the windows cookbook to your chef server with knife.
Edit your existing cookbook’s metadata.rb file and define the windows cookbook as a dependency.
Now you can just use the windows_share resource i your cookbooks recipe
Upload the new version of your cookbook to the chef-server with knife

@Ankur760 Any luck with the suggested approach?

Ya i solve that out throgh rights for window directory… But actually want to know the steps… To only import one resourse like share. Rb to use it in my cookbook… So can i do that… Without any dependencies on windows cookbook

Happy that you have found a resolution that suits your needs.
It is not a healthy approach to extract/copy an LWRP from another cookbook. Do not be afraid to be dependent on the windows cookbook. Chef is designed to utilize cookbooks as building blocks.