Currybot going bananas

I realize that most people are probably home for the day, but what is going on with the github bot? Are we just ignoring it under the heading of “this is a one time oops, sorry noise”? It seems like we should at least modify it to never comment on closed/merged PRs since by then it’s probably moot anyway.


I realized yesterday that Curry had stopped processing chef/chef. Until DCO or whatever gets implemented, we still need to be checking for CLAs. Curry only interrogates open PRs and has an administrator function to go back and give all open PRs another look. I triggered that and asked @robbkidd to look into manually having it evaluate all the merged PRs on chef/chef since a certain date in the past (I’m not sure which of the ones I mentioned he used). He did that faster than I was expecting, sorry for the noise.

We’re reconciling the list of PRs that have been merged that Curry couldn’t verify CLAs for, most look like regular issues with an email address that GitHub doesn’t know about in the commit and whatnot. We’ll continue to sort through those and handle any issues.

Everyone forgot that Curry was still doing the auto-assign thing, which lead to a lot of noise. We looked and there wasn’t a bit to flip for that, so we’re shutting that off by pulling the feature:

There have been some initial thoughts about how to prevent merges that haven’t been CLA verified. @Lamont_Granquist suggested looking at Maybe there’s some low hanging fruit that Curry could already eat via the Github API.