Custom package provider for Solaris IPS


I’ve created a package provider for Solaris/OpenIndiana’s Image
Packaging System (IPS). However, I’m getting the following error when
I test them out:

uninitialized constant Chef::Provider::Group::Suse

And if I comment out the offending line (130) in lib/chef/platform.rb
( I get:

uninitialized constant Chef::Provider::package::Ips

The lib/chef/platform.rb file is modified to provide definitions for
the :openindiana platform. For the provider I created the following

lib/chef/provider/package/ips.rb (

lib/chef/resource/ips_package.rb (

Any help is greatly appreciated. I’d very much like to get an IPS
provider working (with tests) that has a chance of getting integrated
into Chef for folks using OpenIndiana or Solaris 11.