Docker Cookbook v0.36.0 Release

Ohai Chefs!

I’m happy to announce that version 0.36.0 of the Docker cookbook has been
pushed to the Supermarket! Brian has been pretty busy recently so I have
offered to help him out with maintaining the cookbook.

What new in 0.36.0?
Version 0.36.0 is intended to be the last minor release before 1.0. It
contains numerous bug fixes that improve the stability as well as a few
minor new features. Here is the full changelog for 0.36.0

  • Bugfix: [#181]: Fixed remove_link action (thanks jperville).
  • Bugfix: [#185]: Fix for non idempotent run action on docker_container
    (thanks bplunkert).
  • Bugfix: [#188]: Applied temporary workaround to address the
    libcgmanager error to users running LXC on Ubuntu 14.04.
  • Bugfix: [#196]: Address Helpers module naming conflict (thanks
  • Bugfix: [#200]: Fix how service actions are handled by
    docker_container resource (thanks brianhartsock).
  • Bugfix: [#202]: Correctly check for the kernel.release version on
    Debian (thanks Tritlo, paweloczadly).
  • Bugfix: [#203]: Fix pull notifications for tagged images (thanks
  • Bugfix: [#205]: Fix assignments in
    docker_container provider (thanks jperville).
  • Bugfix: [#206]: Fixes to container name detection (thanks jperville).
  • Enhancement: [#217]: Explicitly set key and keyserver for docker apt
    repository (thanks sethrosenblum).
  • Improvement: Pull in init script changes from upstream for sysv and
  • Bugfix: [#219]: Explicitly set Upstart provider for Ubuntu 14.04 and
    14.10 (thanks methodx).
  • Improvement: [#220]: Create graph directory if it is specified (thanks
  • Bugfix: [#224]: Fix runit container template to properly use exec
    (thanks waisbrot).
  • Bugfix: Appropriately check for LXC when using the binary recipe on
  • Bugfix: Implement workaround for docker/docker#2702 on Ubuntu 14.10.
  • Enhancement: [#221]: Added NO_PROXY support (thanks jperville).
  • Various Test Suite Modifications
    • Enhancement: [#192]: Allow image tags in serverspec matching
      (thanks bplunkert).
    • Bugfix: [#223]: Convert a few occurrences of old ‘should’ rspec
      syntax to ‘expect’ (thanks jperville).
    • Disable a few platforms that are experiencing bugs unrelated to
      core functionality.
    • Address ChefSpec 4.1 deprecation warnings.
    • Update Berksfile to reference instead of

The next major release of the Docker cookbook will be 1.0. This release
will include many breaking changes including a complete rewrite of the
custom resources (docker_container, docker_image and docker_registry). To
avoid getting caught by these breaking changes make sure to update your
version constraints in the appropriate places (metadata.rb, Berksfile, Chef
Environment file, etc). I would personally recommend using ‘~> 0.36.0’ to
make sure that you get any patch releases to 0.36 that may be released.

For an update on the breaking changes as they get merged into master, make
sure to check out


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