Enterprise Chef Server 11.2.5 release


Hi all,

Yesterday we rolled a new version of the Enterprise Chef Server.

The main draw is compatibility with the Chef 12 release candidate. To gain
compatibility without an upgrade you can set
the lb[‘chef_max_version’] attribute to 12 or greater.

Open source Chef Server 11.1.6 and 12.0.0-rc.5 already have this handled.

A few new tunables were also added which you can read about here:

Note that 11.2.4 was briefly released, but has a regression related to add
ons. If you are running 11.2.4 please upgrade to 11.2.5.

The Server Team

Jessica A. Mink <jmink@getchef.com jdunn@getchef.com>
Software Developer - Chef Server | Chef
m: 347-986-0308
1008 Western Ave., Suite 600 | Seattle, WA 98104