Execute cookbook only once in a day

Hi all,
I have cookbooks being executed as part of chef for every 1 hour. i need a particular cookbook to run only once in a day. is that possible ?



On Windows we schedule a task to run at 5.00am every day.

  windows_task 'chef-client_on_interval' do
    command 'C:\Chef\chef-interval-wrapper.bat'
    frequency :daily
    start_time '05:00'
    run_level :highest
    user node['build.user'].sub('.\\', '\\')
    password node.run_state['build_password']
    action :create

where chef-interval-wrapper.bat is:

file 'C:\Chef\chef-startup-wrapper.bat' do
  content <<-EOH
  sleep 60
  cmd /c C:\\opscode\\chef\\embedded\\bin\\ruby.exe ^
  C:\\opscode\\chef\\bin\\chef-client ^
  -L  C:\\chef\\chef-client.log ^
  --force-logger ^
  -c C:\\chef\\client.rb 2>> C:\\Chef\\stderror.log 1>> C:\\Chef\\stdout.log
  action :create

The chef run executes run list defined for the node.

We have cookbook wrapper for scheduled cookbook's run...