Extracting default checks out of nagios cb


I’ve started a ticket for my work on this: http://tickets.opscode.com/browse/COOK-2006

Essentially I removed all of the default services from templates/default/services.cfg.erb and turned them into example data bags in examples/databags/nagios_services/. The only difference between the default checks and the data bags is the data bags services have “ugly_underscorized_names” unlike the default “Pretty Names”. I’ve also added a TODO file to convert most of the check commands into data bags as well, many of them have names that are likely to collide with common use eg check_solr.

I know some folks are strongly anti-databag, I’d really like to hear their perspective on how we might extract out the default checks.

Please do let me know what’s terrible about this code, these ideas, or my worth as a human being. Bonus points for finding bugs or making me cry!