Extracting Librarian-Chef from Librarian


Chef People,

This notice regards projects that have any sort of usage of, integration
with, or documentation around Librarian.

I have extracted the Chef-related aspects of Librarian out into a separate
project, named Librarian-Chef. The new gem is named librarian-chef, just
like the binary file has always been named.

I have uploaded new prerelease versions of the new librarian and
librarian-chef gems to Rubygems.org: librarian-v0.1.0.beta.1 and

The reason for this change is that Librarian has always been 90% a generic
core, unrelated to Chef. The Chef stuff in Librarian was a layer on top.
This change allows the Librarian project to be used in other contexts
unrelated to Chef, such as with Puppet modules instead of Chef cookbooks (
https://github.com/rodjek/librarian-puppet), without also having a
dependency on Chef and the gems that Chef depends on.