Foodcritic 9.0 Released

Foodcritic 9.0 has been released with a few long awaited changes:

  • Foodcritic now recognizes templates not nested in the “default” dir!
  • Foodcritic shows progress by default now so you’ll see some output even if Foodcritic doesn’t warn on anything. You can disable this by passing --no-progress
  • Foodcritic will now fail the build if any warnings are shown. Previously you had to pass -f any. Now you need to pass -f ~any to disable failing builds on FC warnings.
  • Foodcritic now ignores files in the tests, features, and spec directories so no more warnings on test cookbooks!

This version of Foodcritic is already in the ChefDK 1.3 that will ship next month, so if you install from current you’ll see this version now.