Help with EC2 EBS issues


Hi guys,
I’m having 2 major issues getting our recipes working with EC2. The
first is it appears the AWS issue works only with the east region, which
we are not using. I’ve create a patch and outlined the issue here.

Second, I’m not a Ruby dev, and I’m having some issues with creating a
RAID 0 EBS system. I’m using 10 drives for my system. I have a simple
loop that iterates from 1 to 10 and attempts to create the ebs for given
devices. The loop executes without actually creating anything, and I
receive no errors. Here is the method within my recipe

def createRaid(mnt_point, raid_dev, disk_dev, raid_size)

aws = data_bag_item(“deployment”, “aws”)

ami = node[:ec2][:ami_id]

#the data bag
bag_id = “#{node[:cassandra][:cluster_name]}_#{ami}”

item = {
“id” => bag_id,
“cass_cluster” => node[:cassandra][:cluster_name]

mount_meta = {“raid_dev” => raid_dev}

#Create the mount point data bag
devices = {}

#For each volume add information to the mount metadata
for i in 1…10 do"Logging index #{i}")

disk_dev_path = "#{disk_dev}#{i}""creating ebs volume for device #{disk_dev_path}")

aws_ebs_volume "#{disk_dev_path}" do
  aws_access_key aws['accesskey']
  aws_secret_access_key aws['secretkey']
  size raid_size/10
  #name disk_dev
  device disk_dev_path
  action [:create]
  provider "aws_ebs_volume"   

#Get the ebs information and put it in a data bag


#Sleep until all disks are created“create complete”)

#Assemble all the data bag meta data
mount_meta[“devices”] = devices

item[mnt_point] = mount_meta

databag_item =
databag_item.raw_data = item“Updated data bag”)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been spinning my wheels for
2 days, and I’m not getting any responses on IRC.