How to add the authorization in subversion cookbook


Hi all,

I’m new in chef-solo and I’ve downloaded your subversion cookbook from opscode
I want to add the authorization in my subversion cookbook.
Here my changes:

In the server.rb file of subversion recipes, the script includes the
apache2::mod_dav_svn recipe and it creates the repo and htpasswd file.
For the authentication, the script uses the “mod_dav_svn” and so it loads the
"dav_svn_module" in apache server.

Now, for my task, I want also to add the authorization; so I’ve created the
"authz" file for the svn authorization simply editing your server.rb (like
htpasswd creation).

Then, in the subversion.conf.erb template file I’ve added the line:
AuthzSVNAccessFile /srv/svn/authz

this new line in the subversion.conf starts the apache module for

Now, I need to load “authz_svn_module” in apache server, so I’ve thought to
include the apache2::mod_authz_svn recipe in the server.rb file.
But unfortunately the “mod_authz_svn” file doesn’t exist in the apache recipes
I must only start the “authz_svn_module” ( module in the
apache server.

Is it right to do this changes?
Is there another way?
Could you help me?

Thank you e best regards