How to boostrap chef-client for non-admin users

I am facing issues while bootstrapping chef-client for non-admin users, getting connction refused error.But I have disabled the entire security on the node, I am using windows8 Machine. Could anyone let me know how to resolve the issues

I’m assuming you are working with Windows nodes with the reference to non admin users. Unfortunately the winrs based WinRM protocol requires that the account bootstrapping the node be an administrator.

Don’t we have any option for bootstrapping windows from non-admin with commands like --sudo in linux?

There are different approaches you can take to bootstrapping. If you are using knife bootstrap, you must be an administrator. An alternative is to take a Unattended Install approach where you bake the client and configuration into your pre provisioned images and let them bootstrap themselves.

In the second case it seems like you are talking about cloud environment nodes right.

That is likely where it is used in most cases however it could easily be applied to any virtual environment. I’d imagine you could bake it into WIMs for bare metal but never heard of folks doing that (which doesn’t mean they are not).

Thank you @Matt_Wrock