How to deploy two differents services on a Node


What is the best way to deploy two differents services on a same node ?

I want to deploy a service and a other separately with two recipes, but How ?

do I need roles ? tags ?

My idea were to change a Environment variable with knife exec… but i don’t…


Put each recipe into the run_list for the node.

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thanks for reading me,

I need to deploy these services separately, if i put it on the node, these two recipes are executed.

Maybe i need to declare two nodes for one client ?


then ?

You’ve confused me. First you said you wanted two different services on the same node. Now you are saying you want the two services separated. Which is it?

Based on what you said - there is no way to do that.

If you just want to run 2 services ie: apache and mysql… (note: these aren’t real cookbooks just an example)

  "run_list": [

there is no reason why you wouldn’t have 2 or more entries in a node… or a mix of several roles and several recipes!

  "run_list": [

apache is apache
mysql is mysql
role production-node maybe this is just something that makes sure firewalls are tightened and security is ehnanced?
linuxbox - you do things here for every linuxbox like i dunno? ensure ntp is running or that whatever other custom linux thing is installed!