How to provision Google cloud platform

I Just want to provision google cloud platform and tried to install chef-provisioning-google but I am getting gem unavailable error. I have tried using chef-provisioning-fog but I am getting chef-provisioning-google gem not found error. It will be helpful if I can have some information about it.

Thanks in advance

Run the following from your command line:

chef gem install chef-provisioning-google

Right now, that prerequisite gem isn’t included automatically with the ChefDK.

I have tried it before but the response is as follows

ERROR: Could not find a valid gem ‘chef-provisioning-google’ (>= 0) in any repository

Yeah my bad, looks like it hasn’t been published to You’ll just have to build the gem yourself, then you can chef gem install it locally.

Grab the source from github, then run the following to build it:

cd chef-provisioning-google
chef gem build chef-provisioning-google

And then install it:

chef gem install chef-provisioning-google

Thanks for the information, It worked for me.