Inspec fails to include control from another profile

According to you can selectively include controls from another profile, this is not working in my installation

my directory structure is this -

 - apps
 - controls
 - Standard_Checks
       - controls
 - services
        - autocb
                - controls
                         - includes.rb
                         - javaversion.rb

In the includes.rb file in my autocb/controls I have this -

include_controls 'Standard_Checks'
require_controls 'apps' do
 control 'httpd'

When I run 'inspec exec autocb' the javaversion.rb test executes, all of the standard checks execute but the report has the following -

Profile: apps (apps)
Version: 1.0.0
Target:  local://
     No tests executed.

I was expecting the httpd control to be called

Just to verify - as it is not shown in your code sample - you do have control files under apps/controls, and one of them defines a control named (exactly) httpd?

Another thing to check is that the profile name as used in the depends: section of your inspec.yml must match the profile name in the require_controls statement.