Install Windows Mobile Center with Chef

Hi partners,

I have the installer of Windows Mobile Center and I had tried of installing this of many ways with Chef but it doesn’t work.

I had used the windows_package, batch and execute resource to do the instalation but don’t happen nothing. In the log, I can see the resource run correctly but the program isn´t installed.

Any help.

Please, someone has solutions for this ?

Hi carlos727,

Is this WMDC 6.1? What platform are you trying to run the installer on? If it’s a later version of Windows than Vista (I hope so!) then you may need to patch the MSI using Orca and binaries from the latest Windows Development Kit or have Chef install the driver as a user that isn’t SYSTEM (scheduled task, etc.)

This thread has some more details on what to do if you really must install as SYSTEM:


Hi @stuartpreston,

Is WMDC 6.1 and I try to install it on Windows 7, then if I run chef-client it is installed but if I create a scheduled task to run the chef-client the installation doesn’t work.

Why this happens ?


In the above thread is the solution, thanks for your help !