Is my 12.4.1 upgraded?

The version 12.4.1 code is on my server, but I don’t know if the upgrade was run. Are there any artifacts I can check for that would imply the upgrade happened?

You can look in /opt/opscode/version-manifest.txt.

@ssd informed me there is a /version API endpoint on the server which provides the same information. So you can also get the version like this from your workstation too:

knife raw https://localhost.localdomain/version | head -1

In this case I was testing on a VM where I was running knife on the same system as my Chef Server.

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Thank you for the URL. I wonder if it does anything more than read from the same file.

/opt/opscode/version-manifest is there even if you don’t go through the upgrade procedure.

What exactly is the "upgrade procedure?" I presumed you were upgrading from one version of Chef Server to another, in which case /opt/opscode/version-manifest.txt would show a new version number at the top. Which is a more cross-platform answer than dpkg -l chef-server or whatever.

Are you wondering about a database schema change or something else?

here is the upgrade procedure. Yes, the part I wanted a way to verify comes down to step #5, and I believe that is mostly database stuff.

You can run chef-server-ctl upgrade again. If it thinks it’s all done and doesn’t need to do anything, it will look something like this at the end.

[private-chef-upgrade] - Latest Migration Available: 1.29
[private-chef-upgrade] - Migrations to Run: []
Chef Server Upgraded!
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It’s idempotent! cool

That satisfies my need. Thank you very much