Kitchen.yml only runs 'default' recipe

In my .kitchen.yml, this works fine at ‘kitchen converge’:


  • name: default
    • recipe[one::default]

…so does:


  • name: default
    • recipe[one]
    • recipe[two::default]

…but if I write:


  • name: default
    • recipe[one]
    • recipe[two::something-other-than-default]

…then I get:

   Recipe Compile Error
   could not find recipe something-other-than-default for cookbook two

Its definitely present, perms correct… so nothing like that is an issue. And, I can see that the recipe I’m specifying is definitely present on the chef server itself.

Note that when starting the converge, I do see:

   Starting Chef Client, version 12.17.44
   resolving cookbooks for run list: ["one::default", "two::something-other-than-default"]
   Synchronizing Cookbooks:
     - one (1.1.0)
     - two (1.1.0)
     - chef-yum-docker (2.1.0)
     - yum (4.1.0)
     - compat_resource (12.16.2)
     - chef_handler (2.1.0)
     - chef-client (7.0.3)
     - logrotate (2.1.0)
     - windows (2.1.1)
     - ohai (4.2.3)
     - cron (3.0.0)

source :chef_server

cookbook 'one’
cookbook 'two’
cookbook 'chef-yum-docker’
cookbook ‘yum’




depends ‘chef-yum-docker’, '> 2.0.0’
depends 'yum’
depends 'one’
depends ‘two’


Other info:
chef --version
Chef Development Kit Version: 1.1.16
chef-client version: 12.17.44
delivery version: master (83358fb62c0f711c70ad5a81030a6cae4017f103)
berks version: 5.3.0
kitchen version: 1.14.2

(last edit, I will reply from now on)
This is just a private lab using Virtualbox… even though this fails, the machine is already created and I can, from within the kitchified VM, run ‘chef-client -o two::something-other-than-default’ - runs as expected. Again, just to confirm that the recipe is in fact, in the Chef server.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!!

Hmm, hard to guess. What do you mean by “when starting the converge, I do see”? How do you start the converge?
Did you try deleting you local cookbook cache rm -rf ~/.berkshelf/cookbooks? Maybe the same cookbook and version is cached there without the recipe and that causes the error. I would also try to do a complete kitchen destroy && rm -rf .kitchen && kitchen converge after deleting the cache, just to be sure to really start from scratch.

Hey Joerg…
What I mean is, ‘kitchen converge’ gave me the output that followed. It looks as though the cookbook is able to reconcile all necessary cookbooks, yet still returns ‘cookbook not found’ errors.

I took your advice and deleted ~/.berkshelf/cookbooks/ , ran kitchen destroy and removed .kitchen/. Then I ran kitchen converge.

I’m getting errors but they are SSL_connect errors and I think I can fix that, but I will definitely get back to you to let you know if your suggestion worked for me. Thanks for your help!!

Thanks Joerg,

I had a few other issues - the SSL problem with Berks, that I fixed with
"echo ‘{“ssl”:{“verify”: false }}’ > ~/.berkshelf/config.json", a couple of cookbooks had been renamed… so once I recognized those things, everything is working.

I’d call this ‘resolved’.