Knife-ec2 0.17.0 released

knife-ec2 0.17.0 release notes:

In this release we have added a feature for attaching existing ENI to a server using the --primary-eni option. Also added is the --instance-initiated-shutdown-behavior option to configuring EC2 stopping or terminating the instance on shutdown.

Features added in knife-ec2 0.17.0

  • Added support to add existing ENI to server while node creation using --primary-eni option. PR: 515.

  • Added support to set the --instance-initiated-shutdown-behavior with the option to set “stop” or “terminate” the instance on shutdown. The default is “stop”. PR: 514.

Enhancement in knife-ec2 0.17.0

  • require rb-readline to avoid ruby 2.4 warnings about Fixnum PR: 513