Knife exec default scripts directory?


Wanted to get some feedback. I’m thinking of an enhancement for knife
exec that would provide it a default directory to look for scripts in
so you wouldn’t have to provide the full path to your exec scripts.
Would others find this useful? I can think of 2 ways to do this:

  1. Check if the argument provided is found, if not, similar to the
    bootstrap directory, have knife exec automatically search in
    .chef/scripts/ . This would follow .chef’s convention of looking at
    <current_repo>/.chef first and ~/.chef second so you could pick which
    one to use.

  2. If the argument isn’t found, look in an array of directories
    specified in the knife config, similar to cookbook_path.

I’m kinda leaning towards option 2. I figure I’ll have 2 things in my
array, one the path to my checkout of the exec scripts checked into my
vcs repo and another one the path to my personal scripts directory
where I can do testing or keep scripts I don’t want to check in for
whatever reason.