Knife role not working

When trying to assign role through below command from Windows Workstation then it is not assigning the role and coming as shown below, the same command was working previously.

PS> knife role list
PS C:\chef-repo>
PS C:\chef-repo>
PS C:\chef-repo> knife node run_list set “role[y]”
run_list: recipe[roles]
PS C:\chef-repo>

There’s not much to go on here. If you run knife with the verbose output flag (-V), does that give you anymore information? Does changing the role via the the Chef manage site work (if you have it setup)?

yeah that would work from chef manage gui but i need to do it from workstation because i don’t have access of chef manage.

The same command is working on linux workstation but not working on windows workstation …

You're running into some long-running windows powershell/cmd prompt
parsing/globbing issues.

Here's the github issue with more details on the subject:

TL;DR: wrap in triple single quotes in powershell or single quotes in cmd