Mainline development moved to 0.9



I’d like to give everyone a brief update on what’s happening with Chef
development as we move towards our next major release, Chef 0.9.0.
From this point forward we’ll be focusing primary development effort
on 0.9.0; any further releases of the Chef 0.8 line will contain only
security or bug fixes.

Today, I merged the code in the 0.9 Alpha branch into the current
master, and moved development on the 0.8 line into the 0.8-stable
branch. If you’ve been running chef off of a source clone, you might
wish to track the 0.8-stable branch for a while until you’re ready to
upgrade. If you’re contributing, just be aware of the switch and
develop your patches against the current master. It’s probably also a
good idea to chat with us in #chef-hacking on or on
this mailing list before making any substantive changes. We’re working
on improving the way we sync cookbooks to the clients, and this
touches a lot of places in the client code, and everyone hates merge

Please let us know if you have any questions.

See you at 0.9.0!

Dan DeLeo