Modify Chef Manage

I want to make an improvement of Chef Manage to be able to directly modify the cookbooks from the interface, but I have not succeeded. I tried to base myself on the edition of databag-items without success.

As a test, I tried to delete a cookbook using the following code:

r.prototype.remove = function (t) {
    return this.model.destroy (), this.remove ()

and it returns error 405 “Method Not Allowed”

What could be the problem?

I have modified the file in the path ‘opt \ chef-manage \ embedded \ service \ chef-manage \ public \ assets \ locale \ application_en-4fe501304e3364da390102224804179.js’

Updating cookbooks manually, without through a pipeline and source code management is unsafe. That’s why Chef manage does not support it.

I’d highly recommend you look at creating a fast, efficient pipeline than managing cookbooks (or any artifacts really) directly on the chef server.

-Mobile Galen

One may as well hand edit the back end database. It’s conceivable, since you have an API and scripting tools, but the structure of numbering a cookbook, giving it a version number, and uploading the new cookbook with that new number keeps provenance of what cookbook was run when and what that cookbook contained. What you are describing is much like deleting a git tag and replacing it with a different tag with the same name. It’s prone to extremely dangerous abuse, and to making “it’s just a one line change!!!” errors that will be a nightmare to track, because you won’t know which version cookbook was actually used.