Msu_package multiple packages found

I run the following resource to ensure PowerShell 5 is installed for Windows Server 2012r2 servers with Chef-Client 14.1.12. :

msu_package 'Install PowerShell 5' do
source ''
action :install

This resource runs fine on hundreds of servers in my environment. However starting this morning, 1 of those servers is experiencing this error when trying to run this resource:


Found multiple packages installed matching name Microsoft-Windows-WinMan-WinIP-Package-TopLevel, found: 2 matches

I'm struggling to understand and diagnose the condition of how msu_package handles finding multiple packages within the MSU/CAB file it downloads to then understand why it would fail and how to remediate this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



chef runs Get-Packages to determine what's installed.
For some reason, it seems its listed twice so you may want to dig into how the Get-Packages cmdlet works... I suspect maybe an orphaned key in the registry ?

I received similar error during my recipe runs. What's the solution to this? Or how to clear our previous packages? Is it in a temp folder?