Need Guidance for Adding VPC service LWRPs in Boto Chef Cookbook


Hi Friends,
I am basically working on Boto Chef Cookbook available at I am trying to create custom resources and providers in order to automate various aws services. The above cookbook does it with the help of recipes which involves python script to perform the automation.

Currently, I have my own resource and my own provider for creating VPC and launching subnet, gateway, route table and network-acl all to gather in one action called create_vpc which indeed uses python script to perform those task.
I am attaching the custom resource and provider file along with the recipe.

I am facing following problems:

  1.   I am not able to access the attribute_name variable using @new.resource.attribute_name inside my python script written inside the script resource. So, I am using alternative way of accessing them by declaring new variables
  2.   In the Create_vpc action inside my custom provider, I am getting various attribute error such as:

a. Unexpected keyword argument ‘instance_tenancy’

b. VPC object has no attribute “update”

c. ‘VPCConnection’ object has no attribute ‘create_network_acl’

If anyone could help me or guide me on this it’ll be a great help :slight_smile:

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